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CRB Brush&Clean 20" TMX 5 Question?
I just picked up a used TMX5 its got 2 sets of brushes brown and white.
What machines are interchangeable with the Brush&Clean I know they do private label, or are the B&C Brushes my best bet I just need to know the colors or stiffness.

I want to be able to do:
residential carpet
Grout&Tile and other hard surfaces

From what I read the blue Brush Pro work great on most carpets can someone give me some feedback. I really want to know what other CRBs brushes are compatible with the Brush&Clean?

Can you share whats your favorite chemicals for carpets when using your CRB

Thanks Alot,

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Guys how about alittle help I just pick a question any question.

What other machines have compatible brushes with the Brush and Clean?

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We have 2 brush stiffnesses for the TM5. However I belive that Whittaker offers more for their the 20" GLS model. These are the exact same machines that Whitaker sells as GLS machines. They are the machines that are built in Austria. So the brushes from any of the manufacturers of the genuine Austrian machines will work.
In your opinion is the Austrian machine built better then the rest?

They all look the same to me, but I know looking is one thing and quality is another.
The Austrian CRB machines have been around for 20+ years and they have a well proven track record for quality. They're built by Rotowash in Wagna Austria. This is the factory that produces our BrushEncap machines. The Strong brand machine is a knock-off that's manufactured in China. We'll have to wait and see how well the Strong machine holds up since it's a newcomer to the market.
Their is no American made one?

If not why? just curious

The only American made CRB is the one that Clark Lancaster built/builds. We attempted to sell that machine briefly several years back. We lost a few thousand dollars in the venture. I won't even open up that discussion.

But to answer your question in the most reasonable manner... No, there really is not a suitable American CRB machine. Not sure why not, there just isn't one.
Their is no American made one?

If not why? just curious


I think the answer to this lies within the heads of many carpet cleaners worldwide.

Many have too many moths hiding inside their wallets and are afraid to open them.

Our industry has a record of people expecting to pay little for equipment so that they can charge high prices and make a fortune.

So they are willing to sacrifice American (& in Australia's case, Australian manufacturing jobs), to purchase cheap imitations, based purely on price.

Australia has very little manufacturers of quality products for our industry, hence we tend to buy US made equipment and also chemicals/solutions, as the case may be.

Luckily, we do have some great chemical/solutions manufacturers.

Imaging my disgust when I purchase "American Made" products only to find it is actually made in some Asian country.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are another case, originally made in the U.K. but owing to a union dispute, the U.K. business was forced to close, they are now made in Taiwan, (P.R.C.).

And NOT of the same quality. Sad

The age old adage, "You get what you pay for" certainly rings true here.

TRY and support your "made local" products, the more they can sell, the cheaper the product usually becomes.

As in all industries, there are some unscrupulous people out there that will try and take advantage of everyone, it's by talking to people that have tried this product, and know what they are talking about, that one learns whom not to purchase from.

That's my take on the whole issue.

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