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Splash Guard for Cimex?
Anybody know of a good solution for this? Scrubbing tile and grout, stripping Vct, the Cimex will spit some.
[Image: landscape%20edging.jpg]
What Derek said.

My brother Dave does tons of diamond grinding work.
That is what he uses on his Cimex Diamond Finishers.
Do you just wrap it around the cimex or can it connect to the stationary part of the head somehow?
Just wrap it loosely around the head of the machine and attach the two ends of the landscape edging. You'll want to leave a couple of inches of extra clearance all the way around the perimeter of the machine. Then you simply push the landscape edging ring around with the head of the machine as you're scrubbing the floor.
OK thanks Rick. I do quite a few medical clinics, so when I strip, I must move from room to room that has VCT in them. Thus I need to lift the head of the machine up to move to the next area. Im extraordinarily lazy so I would want the guard to move with the machine. But this is a great start. I have a few ideas to make that happen. Curious though why cimex sells every other possible accessory for their machine, but not a splash guard.
I have a nice homemade splash guard for my cimex. It is made from the bottom (or top) of a plastic barrel/drum. I used a jig saw and cut out the very bottom leaving the curved edge and then measured the height of the cimex from floor to top of the deck. Took that height and transferred it to the curved edge of the drum -down and cut around the whole drum making a very useful splash guard with a curved lip that keeps the splash guard on when tilting the cimex back. The lip rides on the deck of the cimex perfectly. Last for many years.
If this does not make sense imagine you taking an opened top barrel and turning it upside down and placing it over your cimex motor/deck. then think what needs to be removed to have the barrel fit over the motor and rest on the deck.

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