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Gladiator microfibre pads
Has anyone used the Gladiator microfibre pads?
I'm currently using the Fibre Plus pads but as I'm having trouble with the shower feed on my Taski 165 distributing the solution evenly, am thinking another pad may help?
Will the Gladiator be suitable on my machine and if so who distributes them in Australia?
P.S. Yes I'm getting closer to buying an Orbot (but with a shower feed only).
Regards, Rob
Microfiber pads WON'T shower feed at all. Not even a little.

By comparison, FiberPlus pads will pass fluid through them perfectly. And they'll also distribute the juice very evenly.

If you're having trouble shower feeding with FiberPlus pads, there must be a problem with the machine.

Rick Gelinas - The Encapman
www.Excellent-Supply.com / Releasit

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