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Encap 9 months. No it's not new carpet
So I have been using encap on this greasy restaurant for the last 3 cleans every 3 months. The last two times was using releasit ds and a cimex. This last time I pre vacuumed with my new crb from excellent supply. Long story short. The carpet was had greasy traffic lanes. As you can see from the pics. Traffic lanes no longer exist and the carpet looks new. The client is so happy he asked me to come every 8 weeks instead of 3 months. Also I use to use hwe with this account. The encap process has truly made the carpet stay cleaner longer. [Image: u8ugeba8.jpg][Image: ahare5u6.jpg][Image: u4u5ymeq.jpg][Image: ugy3y8y5.jpg][Image: gymybyne.jpg][Image: u8u9esut.jpg]

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The last two pictures are before. Just wanted to make that clear.
Nice work Jarrod. You are definitely not a "junior" encapper....
Just wanted to add that I used air blowers to dry the carpet real fast. Took about 30 minutes to dry the carpets. I think this helps the process and makes for greater portfolio photos. Use to spend 5 hours with HWE on this account now it takes half the time and the results are much better with encap. Releasit DS2 really does a great job on greasy carpet. One wet pass and 3 slow dry passes.
Great work Jarrod
What did you use to clean between the booths?
I drag the tables out, in fact all the tables are dragged around while I clean. The booths are cleaned with a cimex. From the photos the booths do look small but are big enough for the cimex to get into.

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nice work! do you tab the tables or are they plastic underneath? if metal, do you worry about rust marks?
I use no tabs the tables and chairs are metal underneath. As of yet I have had no trouble with rust marks. The carpets are virtually dry by the time I move tables back to where they belong. The air blower is put to work the same time I start cleaning. It also is nice to work with a breeze. I have been doing the cimex dance now for a little over 9 months. At first I use to over wet the carpet. I hear that is normal for newbies with the cimex. I now cimex dance much better thinking about the delayed reaction of the shower feed and compensate for that by releasing the trigger about 5 seconds before the end of the cleaning path.

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How heavy I'd the cimex??

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