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Need a quick answer lol.
We are doing an entryway to a Walmart tonight. I cleaned it once Cimex only. One side turned out ok the other not as good. This store sees about 7k people a day. And to say it's dirty is an understatement. I do have HWE equipment and I would like to use both tonight. But was wondering which order is best? Cimex then HWE or HWE then Cimex?

I would HWE then Cimex.
Ed Elliott

1. VACUUM VACUUM VACUUM. Make multiple SLOW passes with your vacuum north-south / east-west.
2. Pre-scrub with the Cimex.
3. Rinse the daylights out of it with HWE.
4. Put down blowers to get it to speed dry.
5. Once it's dry or at least 99% dry, encap it with your Cimex.

For that final encap step I would mix Encap-Clean DS2 at 6 oz per gallon. Keep the solution to a minimum (keep it as dry as possible). Put down blowers following the encap step.

This should get the heavy load of crud in the carpet under control.
I pre scrub it with the cimex and than HWE and hopefully you are speed drying it
Agree with pre scrub with the cimex I would use the brush heads and scrub slow. Then turn the heat up and hot water extract.If you can get your hands on a rotary extractor that would make your nite. P cleanerSmile
Sounds good I will let you all know how it turns out.

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