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Cimex water flow
Rick you guys really took care of me on this one! Thank you so much.
I had it out on my first job with it and wow is it going through the water.
Is there a way to slow the flow down by turning the check valve closed a little or jetting the water tube down? I'm only discharging during the first pass and then pulling back over with a dry pass. I'm walking much faster than with the lowboy or the CRB. The per sq ft numbers are going to really play out with this.
But for the record: I will put this little baby up against A N Y T H I N G out there!
It kicks butt.

Thanks again, John
You will need to learn to feather the trigger. I have the same issue with mine. If you completely squeeze the trigger on the wet pass, depending on the type of carpet, you could be laying down way too much solution.
Yes, feathering is key. A full Cimex can go quite a long way.

Nothing is faster than a Cimex, if you don't have to rake the swirls.

If that's an issue, then the Orbot is preferable to me.
As the guys said above. "Feather" the trigger. Be conservative with the juice.

You should be able to move FAST and still only apply enough solution to get a light whitening on the surface.

With a little practice, it will become very second nature to you.

Check out this video to get an overview...


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