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New to encap
Hello, last night i did my second job with cimex with DS-2, it came out great! I have been cleaning carpets with HWE for 3 years but started as a T&G cleaning business. Just wanted to say hello! I posted some pics of last nights commercial job, so much easier then HWE on commercial carpets.
BTW how is cimex with area rugs?


Sorry i could not post pics.
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That's awesome!
Welcome to the dark side Wink

Encap can open some pretty impressive for you.
I'm happy to hear it turned out well for you.

If I or my staff can assist you in any way let us know.
And the guys around here are always happy to help too.
So crank up your commercial work and enjoy what Encap can do Smile
Welcome to the forum. Great bunch here.
Thanks, glad to be here. I am sure i will have plenty of questions.
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Welcome to the forum. You won't find a better, more helpful bunch than here and Excellent Supply.
It is an excellent way to maintain commercial carpets

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