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Cimex pads
Apart from the tan fibre pads does anybody use other pads.Ie red, green, black for other situations.
Black and Red for stripping, depending on how aggressive I need to be. I keep running into floors 'waxed' with multiple coats of Mop and Glo. Usually have to go black with that to bring back a surface that can actually be waxed. Even with a black pad, the Glo goo slimes the pad and destroys it pretty quickly.
Robert Balliot
Hoss Home Care, LLC
Using colored pads for carpet is a bad idea. It is possible to get a color transfer to the carpet. No joke... This has happened to guys using red pads on carpet, and unfortunately there is no way to correct it other than replacing the carpet.
Thanks Hoss & Encapman for that info,never thought about dye transfer.

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