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What is best tool to use when cleaning steps or stairs?
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Just get a car hand held buffer 7" or 8" with a Velcro attachment and use a 7" or 8" pad that fits it for low moisture cleaning at 1000 to 1600 RPMs.

The hand held is $60 and the pads without green strips 6 for $30 so about a hundred dollars in total.

Black2White Carpet Cleaning
Thanks for the help!!
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The Drill Driver works very well on stairs.

I use the drill driver followed by the small oreck with a microbeast. Great Results!
here's an old thread, but talks about the Cyclo dual headed power brush


here's some additional comments based on my own use:

I have used the cyclo (mainly using the aqua blue brushes) to agitate my cleaning solution for almost two years now. It's one of the best tools I ever purchased, it's pricey, but worth every penny. I use the aqua brushes for upholstery and mattresses too, but will interchange with the soft grey brushes depending on the specific fabric. I typically get my best results with the aqua brushes.

our process;

1. vacuum
2. spray cleaning solution on three stairs
3. agitate with cycle and aqua brushes
4. extract using Rainbow vacuum ($2k wet/dry vac)
5. optionally I will also run the orbital with a white terry cloth towel to pick up any remaining soil (not very much at this point after the above steps).
6. sell and apply stainguard
7. groom

Stairs are not the most fun (especially when working in a tri-level home), but they do add a nice bump to the invoice, especially when stain guard is added...and I always push for stain guard on the stairs at a minimum.

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