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Very dirty bar, before and after
First time post in the monthly contest. My name is Shane Bridges and I'm the owner of Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning, LLC in Milledgeville, GA.

This is a very dirty bar that we clean quarterly. It has a full-time beer pong area which is the pic you can see with our Cimex in it. Mixed drinks, vomit, who knows what else! We've cleaned it 3 different ways. One with Fiber Plus Max pads, Punch prespray mixed at 12 oz/gallon, 10 minute dwell, then DS2. Second time with all Hydrox using the gray pads, and a third time with the Punch/DS2 combo with brushes. We alternate back and forth because the 2 different chemical combinations attack different stains. Hydrox is great with the drink spills and vomit. Punch/DS2 is great for the general grime tracked in every night. I was very impressed with the brushes.

The pics are taken right after cleaning. The customer does not want to pay for the gum to be removed so that's why you see so much of it. He's always very happy when we are finished.

[Image: wAcSxt][Image: vCH7kj][Image: wz2MTL]
Let's retry uploading those pics.

[Image: dateposted-public][Image: dateposted-public][Image: dateposted-public]
Okay Flickr is not playing nice with the uploads. One more try:

[Image: Dirty%20Bar-Before_zpshkctpac4.jpg][Image: Dirty%20Bar-After_zpspjegz4pk.jpg][Image: Dirty%20Bar-Before%20After_zpsrlnszx4b.jpg]
Nice looking results!
"The customer does not want to pay for the gum to be removed so that's why you see so much of it."

Does anyone here have a gum pricing formula or do most include gum removal?
If there is only 2-3 pieces of gum to remove  I would include it in the charge. This bar had well over 50 individual pieces of gum. I would test a couple of pieces to see how much time they take to remove, then I would charge $125 per hour to remove all of them. That's with a helper. My process would be to freeze the gum, scrape as much as possible away, then have my helper remove the rest with a PIG-type solvent while I move on to the next piece. Hope that helps.

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