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First Paid Job
I landed my first paying carpet job with two locations of a large fast food franchise. I hope to get more locations and that this will lead to more carpet business.

You can see how dirty the carpet is by where the booth normally sits. [Image: 20150730_220113%201_zpslbbytjvd.jpg]

In progress with the Cimex:

[Image: 20150730_224324_zps32giza67.jpg]<br />[Image: 20150730_231612_zpslm7inrvx.jpg]

I use the Releasit Gum Freeze spray on several areas of gum, which worked fantastically. I used a pre-spray of Punch 12oz/gallon; and cleaned it with DS2 6 oz/gallon.

Talk to the manager today and she said it smelled so fresh and clean this morning. They want me to clean the carpet monthly.

Feedback welcome on any technique issues you see from the photographs! Thanks!
Nice Job! That's how you do it
Very nice!!! Keep up the good work!
Do you normally groom those rows out from going back and forth with the cimex?? Also I had problems with lines after it dried from the wheels?? Any suggestions
I have the big boy kit so no wheel issues. I did not groom this job because they get so much foot traffic I figured the swirls wouldn't be there long. I did just order the microglide pads today and may try doing a quick post padcap with my next job.

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