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Recent Restaurant Job
This was from a restaurant job we completed last night.  We pre vac'd then used Punch as prespray in traffic lanes and hit it with CRB to agitate.  Then followed with a wet pass/dry pass with Cimex and DS2 solution mixed at 6 oz/gal.  This is the FIRST true test for me using Releasit products but safe to say I'm a believer!!  I had worried about the job to begin with as it was in pretty rough shape, but quickly those fears were put to rest!  THANKS for a great product!  Phil- Papa Bear Carpet Care

[Image: 20160121_003324_zpsyahjaxhl.jpg]
Nice Job Man! That's a promo picture for you.
Looks like we have a winner for January!

Well done papa Bear. :-)

Keep up the good work.
Awesome!! Thanks Rick! I'll be putting that to good use real soon!
Looking at the photo - I'm sure you will. Smile


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