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NEW MicroBeast Pro Bonnets - Now On Sale
[Image: microbeast-pro-intro.jpg]

The Story of How the MicroBeast Pro Came About:
There are currently a few microfiber scrub bonnets on the market. 
Here's how the new MicroBeast Pro Bonnet emerged.
Version 1: We started with our original MicroBeast bonnets. They were good, they held up well, but they had insufficient lateral stability. Those early microfiber scrub bonnets would tend to roll up under an orbital machine. They were essentially the standard grade microfiber scrub bonnets we've all come to expect.
Version 2: We wanted to try to achieve more lateral stability, so we went to another microfiber manufacturer in China and sought out a bonnet that was more rigid. Lateral stability was greatly improved, however the microfiber couldn’t hold up to the rigors of the stiffer bonnet. 
Version 3: Not satisfied yet, we kept looking for a better scrub bonnet. Well the search paid off, we feel that we finally have a home run! We approached another microfiber bonnet manufacturer and we spec’d a bonnet that has excellent lateral stability, but it's also highly durable! The result - our NEW MICROBEAST PRO. It has outstanding lateral stability. And it is built rock solid!

Introducing The NEW MicroBeast Pro Scrub Bonnets:
The MicroBeast Pro is unlike other microfiber scrub bonnets on the market. What we’ve spec’d is unique. We think it’s pretty special! Now you can have a powerful scrub bonnet that will hold up well. And it won’t fold up under your machine. It’s truly the best scrub bonnet we’ve ever seen.

Take the benefits of microfiber’s soil capturing ability, add scrub strips, increase lateral stability, make it bullet proof, and sell it at a reasonable price. We think we’ve been able to check off all the boxes! Give the new MicroBeast Pro’s a spin, we know you'll be impressed!

17 inch MicroBeast Pro - Now On Sale  Click Here  
19 inch MicroBeast Pro - Now On Sale  Click Here
21 inch MicroBeast Pro - Now On Sale  Click Here
I love this quote from Michael Jordan!
Coming up with the MicroBeast Pro was a little like that for us. 
Finally! The MicroBeast Pro looks like it's going to to be a game changer. 
 It's a durable microfiber scrub bonnet that scrubs great, and it WON'T roll up.
I'm glad we didn't give up. Smile
[Image: Michael-Jordan-Failure-Quote.jpg]
So Rick no more star stitching???
My star pads are still going under my trinty machines no holes yet it has been months. I will try these new ones out as my pads get worn but it may be awhile the last batch is very good still : )
I'm happy to hear they're still going for you Joel. It's not the star stitching pattern that gives them strength. It's the outer fabric and edge stitching that contributes to durability, as well as the overall strength of the microfiber fabric.

With a bonnet that has a more rigid core, greater strain is placed on the exterior fabric. We worked with the new manufacturer to insure that the fabric and the stitching (especially the edge stitching) were extremely strong. The core is also very rigid. Combining a rigid core with very sturdy exterior fabric has produced a rugged bonnet. They're great for orbital machines!

If you liked the old ones, you're going to LOVE the new ones! The new ones are much sturdier than the previous ones. Whenever you're ready to give the new ones a spin let us know. Smile

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