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Beyond Cleanable!
This is wasn't a real life scenario and if it ever was I now know I can clean this. I copy and pasted this from my other post.

I thought that I would share my Excellent Supply experience with you all. My name is Rich Gallina and my company name is Orbi-Clean. I used Ultra Adsorb and Punch with the 15" BrushEncap CRB and Shark Vac. 

Thank you to Dawes Septic and 44/55 Automotive. This is my test rug. I left it in Dawes Septic's office for a week and then right after dropped it off at 44/55 Automotive for about a week and a half. Obviously it was much more then real life soil and grease but I wanted excessive stinky, poopy, greasy and dirty at its worse. The only couple spots left were some burn marks from welding. Yes those can be fixed as well but that will be another post. Spotless, clean, fresh and dry and I picked the worse side!

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That is fantastic Rich. That's a striking example of what can be absorbed from the carpet using Adsorb Ultra along with Encap-Punch. Thanks for sharing that with us!

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