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Oil Everywhere
So I had the huge challenge of cleaning an office in a mechanics garage. I told the customer it would look better but could not guarantee results but would look better.

So u used a CRB Punch and DS2 mixed a little stronger than I usually mix it.

I was not expecting to get the oil out completely but when I was finished I was shocked with the results. Even the customer was blown away.

Once again the photos don't do this justice. The darker areas are lighting effects from the windows etc. To the naked eye these carpet tiles came out looking close to like new.

[Image: Photo%20Nov%2026%2012%2011%2041%20PM.jpg]

[Image: Photo%20Nov%2026%201%2051%2010%20PM.jpg]

[Image: Photo%20Nov%2026%201%2051%2029%20PM.jpg]
Nice work Jarrod!
Way to work that CRB Smile
Love the CRB. So easy to carry upstairs. Not as fast as the cimex or as good. But with plenty of cleaning strokes it gets the job done.
It looks like you are our November photo contest winner.

Congratulations Jarrod - keep up the good work!!!
Nice. Thank you.
Great results! I use to be a mechanic and know what those carpets go thru in a typical day. I'm impressed.

Did you prevac and pile lift with the CRB?
Rod Clarkin
Excellent Supply 727-821-2020 
Yes. I did Pre Vac. Every job I do gets a good pre vac. I believe it's an important step and makes for better end results. The Crb does recover dry soil however I feel a good vacuuming is still essential.

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