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Tile and Grout with Cimex and Firm Brushes
Just wanted to show results of Cimex Tile and Grout Job I did this weekend. Tile and grout had not been cleaned for over 10 years. It was dull dirty and looked nasty. Cimex was setup with Firm Brushes purchased at excellent supply. Just goes to show how versatile the Cimex can be at different jobs.
First photo is the before, second is after.[Image: GOPR1965.jpg]

[Image: GOPR1983.jpg]
Looks great!
Thanks Bernd.
Great Job Jarrod! What did you seal it with?
I used two coats of a generic sealer designed for this floor type then after 3 hours to let sealer dry I applied 4 coats of polish. The customer wanted a high glaze. Obviously I tested a hidden area first to test results and durability.
I'm never a fan of coating a stone/tile floor with finish. I know it's what the customer requested though.
But the cleaning looks great! Well done. :-) What did you use to recover your dirty water?
I used a 16 gallon wet vac with a squeegee attachment. I scrubbed with Cimex. Then recovered the dirty water with the wet vac then repeated with clean water. Tile dried pretty fast with slow strokes. I originally left a very weak glaze from the sealer. Then customer said he wanted a high glaze. Now time to go back and sell a maintenance plan.

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