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How to sell encap?
Greeting everyone!
My name is Paul and I have been cleaning for 10 years now. 2 years as an owner/operator.
I am getting into encap cleaning and I actually have a job lined up for this weekend ( met with the client and discussed encap vs HWE ). I have performed this type of cleaning before and I have all of the supplies needed.
However my client that we are cleaning for this weekend called yesterday and wanted to set up a meeting for today. He has some more questions concerning encap cleaning.
I am worried that he is not too keen on this process. I will not HWE this job it is 9000 sqft!
Is there any documentation you recommend me showing or sharing with him? 
How would you sell or REsell this job?

First of all, try not to get caught up in selling "method"! 

Here's a blog post to take a look at....
Stop Selling "Method"

And another blog post...
Where Does The Dirt Go?

And another blog post...
Selling With Confidence

And finally, here's a maintenance guide to share with them...
Releasit Commercial Maintenance Guide

Check out the resources above. I think they should help you make a good presentation. 
I'll always offer a free demo in any area of there choice, With the encap solutions and equipment available today the results are usually jaw dropping (I closed many jobs with very sceptical clients) Oh yea, My confidence is also through the roof with this method.
It is always a good idea to be able to briefly explain what you do for the customer.
However, you are the pro and you determine what system is best to get the carpets clean.
Not the customer.
I find it usually does not end well when the customer is asking too many questions about specific methods.
I always viewed it like this... Maybe 2% of people running a car through a car wash will ever ask, " what kind of soap is being used?".... For the most part they just want it cleaned.
Nice analogy about the car wash.

Here's another angle. If you must sell "system", why not take the encap ball and run with it? You're offering them a system with many benefits. And highlighting a "niche" is  tremendously advantageous from a marketing perspective. 

Let them know that  you're the Cat's Pajamas for commercial carpet care! You're offering a total fix for their commercial carpet. Yeah! You're offering encap, and it's PERFECT for their needs.  Build on the fact that you're using a low moisture system that is designed for commercial carpet. Make it clear that you can solve their CGD problems. Problems that sometimes occur with commercial carpet will be taken care of ... problems that often occur with hot water extraction. You're offering them quick turnaround on drying times. Your system eliminates wicking and recurring spill stains. Your system enables you to build them a maintenance program that's cost-effective. See my point? Sell them on the obvious advantages of the encap system.  Don't  hesitate  to proudly stand up and help them see the value of what you're offering!

It's never a good idea to get locked into one particular system. Let them know that you can and will offer hot water extraction,  as the need arises. (As a professional cleaner, you should have HWE in your arsenal.) So  let them know  that you  can provide them with a total solution.  Help them understand that you will choose the best method and guide them to the best level of care for their carpet. Once they appreciate that you're the professional, and that you're qualified to provide what they need, there really shouldn't be any objection. 

 Bottom line: Present yourself as a total commercial carpet expert! And help them see the value of your encap program as an integral part of your total carpet care approach.
Great points Rick! Here is my pitch when I show up to explain encap.
here ya go    
I spent years as a Chem-Dry franchisee basically doing VLM cleaning until the last couple of years when CD was phasing in portables and TM.. When I went out as an independent I used a portable for the first few months - BECAUSE I THOUGHT I NEEDED TO DO SO. However I soon realized with the portable I was over wetting and not getting the results i wanted. So I made the decision to ditch the portable and so "back" to what is basically the original CD system but using encap cleaning solutions, even using CO2 and pepsi cans. I was a bit worried customers would wonder what the heck I was doing.

Turns out....most customers don't care what you use. Oh they might, and I emphasize MIGHT ask a question or two about how you clean but a short conversation with them usually satisfies them. You really do NOT need to go into great detail. What you do need to do is do a great job of cleaning and that takes care of everything.

I use the example of a mechanic working on your car. Do you care if he uses a crescent wrench or a box end wrench? What's important is did he fix your car?

Don't sweat it.

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