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Trade Show?
I'm thinking about attending a trade show later this year in Vegas. Right now it looks like there are two in September. The Experience sept. 6-8 and the ISSA/Interclean the next week, sept. 11-14. I'm new to this industry and have never been to a trade show/convention. What would you all recommend? The Experience or the ISSA? Pros/cons? Is it worth it? Thanks all!
ISSA is for the Janitorial side of the industry. ISSA is huge. It's a fun show. But it's not particularly carpet-centric.

The Experience is for the carpet cleaning & restoration industry. Everything about is geared toward our industry (plus restoration too). There are many classes (for paid registrants). And it has a large trade show - there's hands-on too. It's a worthwhile show to attend. I'm sure you'll walk away with ideas that will make the show worth your attendance.

We aren't planning to exhibit in Vegas this year. We like to support the show when it comes to Florida. We used to do the Vegas show too - but it's not cost-effective for us anymore (trade-show exhibits ain't cheap).

If you had to decide to choose just one show to attend, I'd recommend The Experience hands down. Or if it's doable, take in both shows since they're almost back to back.
Ok, thanks. I was leaning towards the Experience.
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I have not been in a few years, last time I was there it was cool. I did over hear some vendors talking saying that it was the last show for them. Apparently it was getting pretty expensive for vendors. Well actually,, it was pretty expensive for me to go, hotel, drinks, food etc.. adds up and not cheap in vegas

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