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Fiber Plus or Max Pads...
I clean many needle punch carpets here in oversea and normally use the regular VCT Pads for straight encapping and some SuperZorbs or MF Pads on some heavy traffic lanes...but the VCT Pads only last 1000 - 2000 sq/fts- and thats to expensive!

Now i have the opportunity to get the Fiber Plus and Max Pads and would be interested if they last any longer cause they are three times as expensive as the regular VCT pads!

How is your experience?
Go with the FiberPlus pads if longer wear is what you're seeking. The standard FiberPlus pads are manufactured with a special elastomeric binder material that helps them hold up to carpet cleaning. Typically they last about 20% longer than the FiberPlus Max pads, which doesn't contain the special elastomeric binder.

On the other hand, even though the FiberPlus Max wear faster, they also scrub faster. So while you may lose out on some pad wear, the increased agitation of the FiberPlus Max adds higher production to the bottom line. But like I said, if you're looking to obtain the longest lasting pads - you'll want to continue using the FiberPlus pads.

Normally FiberPlus pads will last around 7,000-10,000 sq ft per pad installation. Whereas FiberPlus Max normally top out at around 7,000 sq ft. Of course, your mileage may vary due to coarseness of the carpet fiber, and how slow or fast you run the scrubber. (It sounds like your needle felt carpet can be a challenge)

By the way, run the pads till they wear very thin before replacing them. Also, try to avoid removing the pads from the pad driver unnecessarily - since that will tear at the pad and weaken its grip on the driver. Simply run them till they're approximately 1/4" thick - and then dispose of them and replace with a fresh pad.

The FiberPlus pads are designed for carpet cleaning. They produce the proper degree of agitation for cleaning carpet. They're also designed to last as long as they possibly can so that you can get the most out of your investment in carpet scrub pads. Hope you enjoy using them! Smile
Thanks for your detailed reply! I will give the Fiber Plus Pads a try!

You are right...the needle felt carpet is realy challenging...very thin...problems with wick backs...i still try to find the best way to clean this kind of CGD.
And which pad size of the FiberPlus pads do you recommend for my 17" Orbot? I can get the 17" or 21" ones.
The Orbot has a 15 inch diameter drive plate so a 17 inch scrub pad should be fine.
Rod Clarkin
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