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Cat Urine
Need some advice. Coming up on a large residential job this Saturday the 17th. My available tools are HOS Orbot, CRB Machine, Gecko Spot/Upholstery machine and water claw that I can attach to a shop vac. Customer has medium to dark brown carpet throughout and specialty carpet (leopard print--dark) in the movie room. The general look of the carpet is not bad at all. However, under the black light, she has several cat urine stains in several areas including the leopard print carpet. I am thinking Punch for traffic lanes and DS2 for the overall encap. Is that a good combo? And how do I tackle the cat urine? Same releasit products as above and extract with water-claw? Thanks all!
Treat the urine spots with this Nature's Miracle product. It works. https://www.amazon.com/Natures-Miracle-U...at+Remover

Soak the urine spots. Allow as much dwell time as possible. Then extract thoroughly with your Gecko machine.

After treating the urine spots, clean the carpet like normal with your Orbot and Releasit.

Let us know how you make out.

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