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Thanks Rick !
Just wanted to say thank you for the Spotz Brush kit.
Looks like a great tool and I look forward to wiping out some spots on a number of my accounts with it!
Thanks Again!
Cool Lee. The SpotzBrush is a handy tool for doing "Spot Cleaning" without needing a machine. Spray some Encap-Spot onto the spot and give it a few brush strokes with the SpotzBrush. Walla! And it's particularly handy for large commercial accounts... Just do a quick walk-thru searching for spill spots, and brush 'em out when you find one. A large sized building can be knocked out very quickly. It makes it easy to provide a practical spotting program for your clients.

For those of you who don't yet have a SpotzBrush - what are you waiting for? Wink

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