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Starting Fresh
Hello All,
I looking for some opinions and insight from your expertise. I use to clean carpets and upholstery on a part-time basis as a one man show but had to shut down because my fulltime career would interfere with schedule jobs and being able to keep appointments due to mandatory overtime.

Things have changed and I’m looking to start cleaning again and possibly doing it fulltime. I have Von Schrader equipment. I recently ordered Releasit Encap-Clean DS2 and used it in my Von Schrader LMX and it worked like a champ. It foamed real nice and I was impressed with its cleaning power. I also used Encap Punch for a pre-spray and the used the LMX to agitate it in the carpet.

I want to add equipment but have limited funds. I am looking to add a CRB and an OP machine like the ORBOT VIBE or the VARIO from excellent supply at some point. My question is, which would you add first? The CRB or the OP machine and why? I will be concentrating on Residential initially and expanding to commercial. Thanks in advance for your replies.
Hello Meels! I can give you some limited experience: I would start with a OP machine. I have a CRB but use it only for the agitation of Punch as my pre spray and to clean some residential carpets. The OP gives you different opportunities: You can do straight encap (commercial) with a fiber Pad AND bonnet clean with MF pads or SuperZorbs.

Last year a bought the Orbot and this machine changed my business.
Bernd is right.
OP is your best option for your first machine because it can do encap and bonnet cleaning for commercial and residential.
Sounds like your LMX is already working like a basic CRB.
I think the gentlemen above have answered your question. Smile
Thanks Fellas,

That's what I was what I was thinking but wanted to see what other cleaners thought. I can use the VS LMX to help with working in the pre spray and look to add add a CRB later on. I was really happy with the results of the I had with the Releasit products and how well DS2 work with the VS LMX.

Now I can't make my mind up on an OP machine. I had said I was looking at the HOS Vibe and excellent supplies Vario Pro 2 but am am also interested in the Mytee ECO 17. My only concern with the Vario Pro is it's 19 inch and the other 2 are 17 inch. So I would guess the 17 inch units would be better fo residential cleaning.

What are your thoughts?
All of the machines you mentioned are good. We sell the Vario and Eco 17, and the Vibe is nice too. Each machine has it's strengths. I think any of them would serve you well. Just comes down to what you personally feel serves your business profile best.

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