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No Experience and No Current Company Backing.... ???
Hello all,

I have tried to get my company to go the 'Encap' route for several years now without any success.

Now I think it is time for me to go out on my own with this process!


How or who can I contact for training on this? Training time frame six months, nine months or???

What is the minimum investment and/or minimum equipment suggested to consider in order to get started?

Anything else I need to consider in this move? It would be me to start, alone.

I will be moving soon and can take the skills and equipment with me, too!

TIA - SamuelS
G'day Sam, what will be your target market, Commercial or Residential??

This could be a deciding factor in the equipment needed.

I would suggest going the commercial route, however, payment is usually longer.

Residential will give you cash flow which you will need to pay your expenses.

Training with a Cimex is a matter of minutes.


Also, if you go residential, then a BrushEncap CRB ( Counter Rotating Brush ) machine would be a good option & is also extremely easy to use.


You may also need an Orbital such as the Vario.


Stick with Excellent-Supply's products & you can't go wrong.

Encapsulation, in my mind, is extremely simple as long as you follow the manufacturers guidelines.

First up though, I would suggest that you purchase a copy of Releasit  CMS, ( Commercial Marketing System ).

This will give you tremendous insight into the Encapsulation system & it's processes.


After watching the video, you can then see what equipment you would need depending on the market you wish to pursue.

No doubt others may have a different view, they can also advise you better than me on pricing & your demographics.

My Cimex is still going strong after 14 + years (I think).

All the best mate.

Shorty Down Under.

I don't regret my past, I just regret the times I've wasted with the wrong people.
Take me as I am, or watch me as I go.
I'll retire when I can no longer do what I love, or I no longer love what I can do.
Stop moving, start dying........
ll - thank you for the invaluable input...

Yes, the market I Am strongly thinking of is residential as I Am moving to a beach community who currently has an eight (8) month, usually, season give or take a few weeks on either side.

I like the idea that being able to offer a homeowner of rental units who may need a quick cleaning before the new tenants arrive in a few hours the peace of mind that I can get it done and the carpets will be ready...

Is this realistic, do you think?

Yes on Excellent Supply supplies, of course.

Your and anyone else's thoughts on this approach?

TIA - SamuelS
Can I say don't market the method for residential and for Commercial it has many benefits over HWE. Although they say that you should HWE once a year I have accounts that I've never HWE with great success and always turns out great without resoiling issues! I'm not saying HWE doesn't have it's place but I've cleaned greasy restaurant floors, to offices with minimal soil and great success. I've been living off low moisture for 18+ years coming from TM 24 years ago. I know everyone says it's easy but it does take a learning curve as far as Chems go. and how much!

As far as equipment , your best to get an OP but If you have a 175 get a carpet brush driver that has a bonnet in the middle. I'm not sure if Excellent-Supply carries them or not. But Shorty has a great layout for you! Best of luck!
The BrushEncap machine would suit your needs perfectly for residential. You mentioned moving to a beach community. There is a local cleaner here in our area. They exclusively service mid to upper end residential carpets. And all they use are BRushEncap type machines and Releasit for all of it. And they're very successful at it too!

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