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Hurricane Irma
Just wanted to let you all know that we got through hurricane Irma with minimal damage. It was only a category 1 hurricane in our area. All of our employees, their property, and all our dear friends are OK. 

Part of a tree came down in front of Excellent Supply.  No damage to our building. No flooding. We were without power all day yesterday. Today we have power and Internet access. But no phone service yet. 

So we are currently back up and running. FedEx Ground service will do a pick up today. We have deliveries of products coming in. Our online store is running. And we can communicate with you via email. Best of all, the air conditioner is on!  Smile
Thanks for the update and happy to know that damage and disruption is minimal, for the most part.

Welcome back...

So very glad you made it with minimal damage Rick!
Thanks guys! Smile
[Image: irma-open72.jpg]

Hurricane Irma was reportedly the largest Atlantic hurricane in history. But by the time it crossed our area it was only Category-1. Our folks here are safe. We all evacuated. And our staff, as well as all our relatives and friends in the area are OK. We want to thank you all for your concern!

Excellent Supply faired well. We had no power on Monday. But by Tuesday, we had power and internet. We still don't have phone service restored. 

Our online store is up and running. You can still email us. Or you can text us at (727) 645-0636

We are now receiving normal service through FedEx, so daily packages are being shipped from our location. So we are up and running. 

Best of all, the Air Conditioner is working. :-)

Thanks again for your support!
Glad that everything went fine with minimal damage. Have seen terrible pictures here in oversea.
Great news Rick.

Thanks for the updates.

I know only too well what it's like to be in your predicament.

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Thanks Shorty. I know you've been through lots worse! We have NOTHING to complain about. Smile
Thanks to all for your patience everyone as we've been wobbling through this.

 Here's a little offer to show our appreciation...

[Image: worlds-best-encap.jpg]

(Sale is not valid with any other offers.)
Great to know. I ordered some stuff to support you. Although it wasn't a lot I wasn't sure if people would hold off or not. You all are blessed to have such a great crew down there!
Thank you for your support Rich! Smile

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