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I haven't tried this before but if you stripped with your Cimix how was it compared to a regular 175?
In commercial it was okay as it was after hours, but the residential clients complained as I started to strip. Blush 

Seriously, I have only done two strip & seals (as we call it), with my Cimex.

I used the Gray Maxi pads and an Aussie stripper.

Did exactly as I used to with a rotary 30 years ago.

Edges had to be done with a doodle-bug & a black pad.

After the strip, I neutralized, dried & then buffed using the Beige pads.

By buffing, this helped via friction, to heat up & seal the pores in the VCT.

By doing this, you don't waste sealer finish that will soak into the unsealed VCT.

First coat of sealer/finish, I laid right to the edge.

Subsequent coats, I laid a mop width away from the edge to allow for any possible spreading of polish in case someone was going to spray burnish later on.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Shorty, I only use stripper in commercial accounts only. I picked up some stripping pads from ES as I just felt like trying something new. I think the only change as far as laying finish down is that I use microfiber pads instead of mop. Everything else is the same as you stated above. Ty for your input. Sometimes my Cimex stay's parked for a while unless I have a lot of commercial carpet to clean. Just trying to find uses for it.
8.5 Steps To a Perfect Floor Stripping Using a Cimex:

1. Dust mop the floor.
2. Apply a high quality rinse-free stripper to the floor, diluted as recommended (normally it's 4-1). Thoroughly wet the floor  with plenty of stripper solution, and keep the floor wet.
3. Attach Lightning Pads https://www.excellent-supply.com/Lightni...p_213.html
4. Add plain water to your Cimex. And scrub the floor dispensing plain water as you work the machine over the floor. Make slow overlapping passes.
5. Scrape, doodle-bug, or mop aggressively the edges.
6. Wet vac the floor, before the solution dries up. Attempt to recover every last drop of the slurry.
7. Rinse the floor thoroughly.
8. Apply 4 coats of a quality floor finish. Let each coat dry before applying the next.
8.5 [Optional] The next day, after the finish has cured, the floor can be burnished with a high-speed buffer to really pop the shine.

Floor stripping is simple with a Cimex! I've done tons of them.
Rinse Free Stripper Rick. It's a small part of my business but Even after 24 years I never heard of rinse free stripper. Hmmmmm!
It exists. Smile

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