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I didn't catch the name of the guy I spoke with on the phone at Excellent Supply today but he was extremely helpful and I appreciate it.

I use Excellent Supply products for encapping with my Cimex. I have some residential hwe to do and I would like to try out Punch as my presray and rinse. The Punch I have is old, probably 4-5 years of sitting in my garage at the back of the shelf. I don't know why I got out of the habit of using it but I haven't been cleaning as much since I started teaching school again. Anyhow, I don't want to throw it away. I understand that I can shake it up and it will be usable but not normal strength. I have two questions:

How much extra should I bump up the mix ratio for moderate to heavily soiling?

For you guys that do HWE as well as straight encap, do you normally prespray with Punch or use some other product (Rick, I hope you don't mind my asking) Smile

Thanks for any suggestions.

Kenny Wright
I use Punch with HWE. It is a great pre-spray option and works well.
After 5 years I think it best to buy new. I do not think I would trust any solution after that long.
Lol, you are probably right. I am ordering some new but don't think I'll have it in time. I will mix the old punch strong and see how it does in a test area but I will bring some newer other prespray, too. Thanks!
Mix it at 12 oz per gallon. I think it will still put a good dent in what you're cleaning. Even though it's elderly. Wink
I'm kind of elderly, too. Maybe Punch and I together can get the carpet clean.
LOL I'm feeling a little elderly myself these days.
Big Grin  Young whippersnappers.  Dodgy
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FYI, I decided to use newer prespray for the job. I will test the old Punch on my own rugs 1st, before I decide whether to keep or toss it.
12 os per gallon sounds crazy high. Is there an underlying joke that I'm missing? I do know my chem ratios tend to be leaner than most but that's pretty high. I have on pump up sprayer 3 gallons or so. I read the label and chose to use half the sample bottle on this one and a half on the next. It worked really well I used 2 1/2 gallons on 3 bedrooms with numerous small pet spots. So please don't take my question as an insult. 3 days and no call backs . I like it so far.
[Image: 2017-12-06_09.41.32.jpg]

[Image: 2017-12-06_11.19.09.jpg]
I may have figured out the problem. I used the hydrox not the punch.. I have a bottle of that yet untested but it's going out on the truck today. The pictures above are hydrox, waste away, 10 inch CRB followed by another light pass of the same. Used my orbiter with 13 inch bonnet pro pads. Post pass with the brush pro with renovator trays. I dug up gunk hair and nastiness that blew us both away. I can work with that. That Oreck is to small but I like its light weight. So I bought me one of these yesterday. I'm in love and haven't even used it yet. I don't want a machine with tanks, pumps or the weight. I feel confident that my waterbox 220 psi 1.5 gpms. with auto fill with dema valve trumps one of those 100 psi units . Or one of the IPS units that's popular these days for that matter. It runs independent of the vac motor housing. I'm not scoffing at the ones with tanks. I would just want to remove them for weight and space savings.
[Image: ECO-13-_EX_Side_Left_web.png]

[Image: ECO-13-_EX_Rear_web.png]

[Image: 2017-06-28_13.29.26.jpg]

[Image: 2017-07-05_07.39.19.jpg]
This is the rear of my Van the 13 inch orbiter is a first for me. I hope it replaces the 175 and my Orbiter.
[Image: 2017-11-03_07.20.22.jpg]
Looks great Steven!
Hope you make a ton of $$$$

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