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Residential Cleaning
Have any of you tried using Cimex on Nylon Pile. Curious if it came out crispy or soft? Thoughts?
Used an Orbot not a Cimex.
Straight up encap is crisp.
Encap plus bonnet is less crisp.
Softens after vacuuming though.
Agreed. Lee nailed it.
I finally got around to trying out your sample pack. I've had great experiences with all of the sample packs I received from Vacaway, Bonnet Pro and then you guys. I made retail orders to both of them as a way to show appreciation. I haven't had a disappointing experience yet. I do almost all residential with a Mytee Air Hog ,water otter, hot turbo,CRB,13 inch hawk 175 and a Oreck Orbiter. I pretty much agitate every job while using a porty. I've got almost 30 years in the business and have attended hundreds of training classes. But not much on VLM, hardwood, tile and grout.

I bought and used my first CRB 10 inch brushpro. 6 months ago and I'm blown away. I doubted the claims I read about them and scoffed at the price and swore I would never buy one unless I could find a good deal on a used one. If something happened to this one I would scoff at the price and buy another one. I chose a Transit Connect to use for my porchmount setup. I was so impressed with it that I quit carrying my 175 and my little oreck orbiter. I'm going to have some follow up questions but want to spread it out a bit.

I've tried to get input from TMF but they are like a ghost town lately and many are firmly entrenched on their views. Here's where I'm at, it's convenient and practical for me to use my dual vac Airhog and APO with my 250-600 psi outdoors on the porch or in the garage. I don't have wires running all over the place on most jobs. It's a porty though. I love cleaning, I love creating a setup just my way, but I need results. I can get by well with two functioning separate 15 amp circuits. If I find another I can add heat with my Mytee Turbo. I always prevac with my sanitaire I always use my Crb for agitation, after that it varies in the really good way. I find using an absorbent type of pad afterwards gives me a much higher level of clean. I've known this for years. Let a guy with a truck mount blast the carpet with heat and flow and suck it out with great power. I can take a simple oreck orbiter or 175 and make it cleaner and drier. Many companies and personalities want to make the my way is better than your way. I like having more options.

I'm experimenting and it takes time to see a long term view. I learn more from a reservice or call back than I do when it looks great. I don't get many call backs or poor reviews. I take pride in that. So what have I learned in the last 6 months? The Brushpro 10 inch is my all time favorite tool I've ever used. BUT it comes up short on dirt recovery when compared to my CWE or HWE. And neither of them measure up to quick post bonnet pass. I'm looking for the best product and process to use for the post bonnet pass. I'm also looking for another product to use that is HWE friendly and one where it doesn't matter. It's too involved where I could explain past that.

I just purchased the Mytee eco 13 LTE OP machine without the tanks, pump and weight. I'm looking to take my 175 off the truck and my Oreck. It's just 82 lbs with the fat tires. I will be using it on most jobs as a post bonnet process. I'm experimenting with odor control stuff that doesn't use a water rinse as the first step. We can get into that later. I love my little Orbiter but it rips up cloth pads like a bad dog. I will start using the eco 13 instead as a post step and sell my orbiter to my friend most likely. I'm limited when it comes to pads. I've never used a microfiber one. There are occasions where not using water as a rinse provided a better option and a simpler one for me and the customer. I have a few regular customers that enjoy being the guinea pig. I'm impressed I had two call backs. The first one I relied too much of my CRB Flex/Traffic Slam in my hydro force to clean a nasty family room on oly/poly carpet. It wicked back pretty bad. I used my renovator trays as the post Hwe process. She wasn't one of my regulars but based on my reviews she called first rather than post. I broke a bunch of my own rules on that job, it blew up in my face. The main one is she felt compelled to leave a filled in check with her brother. I took it on and it looked good when I left. I came back brought my 13 inch 175 with red pad and some absorbent ones. Whatever it took I was going to fix it. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't satisfactory either. I had lots of options, some of those spots looked like urine spots. She said they weren't... We only communicated by fb messenger. Of course I was right. It was hidden under the grey traffic areas. I asked her brother he said maybe...WTF! I smile , I rightfully blame myself for not getting a proper history and walkthrough. The filled in check is a personal flaw on her part and a separate matter. I wrote it on the receipt and passed on the importance of post vacuuming. I do that regardless of the method. She didn't but claimed she did. I pre spotted the urine/not urine spots with oxy spotter and pre sprayed Grease Hawg. I hit it with my 175 with a red pad followed by a few passes with cloth bonnet. I was appalled at how much dirt I left behind. But Wow the carpet looked great. I didn't use the HWE option at all. She was thrilled and I think she posted a glowing review recently but I don't recall her name without looking it up. I learned a bunch there and everything has been great ever since. I'm taking my Hot turbo off the truck for now. Here's a few pics from a job i did for a regular customer. I told her to replace it but her husband just entered hospice care. She wanted to know if I could get her through the holidays. I was honest and upfront but also looking to experiment I used my little orbiter and pad with my crb . I used your Hydrox as my prespray with some waste way. (you only sent me two samples instead of my three) I didn't even prespot it. No HWE though I lie on the internet and say I did...lol. There's real benefit in not hydrating the pad and it's on raised floor. I could flush but she's going to replace it. Perfect situation for me. I've instructed her to let me know about the status because it's an experiment. I gave her a reasonable estimate for 3 bedrooms but more importantly I gave her some extra value for the experience. That was a few days ago so far so good. I think you should rethink your samples. I get that they cost money but I'm going to buy product regardless at least an order or two.
[Image: 2017-12-06_09.40.59.jpg]

[Image: 2017-12-06_11.18.44.jpg]
I do both HWE and VLM.
I have found that for me VLM in residential is great, BUT, and a big BUT takes way too long. It can give great results
I recently did one like you describe. Newer, in good condition frieze. So some bulk there. ;Used vlm exclusively. Custy was concerned about dry times.
OP, old CCS machine, and a variety of bonnet. All absorbant. Bonnet pros mostly. new gladiators, a bunch of his wool pro.

widow, who takes good care of the carpet. But with gkids.
Can not believe how many bonnet I went through in a relatively small area. And, they continued to come up dirty.
I like Bonnet pros new galadiator pads.
I got some for use under my stepson, but also thme under an oreck I picked up for nothing.
used them under my little 13 175 to.

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