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The MicroBeast Microfiber Bonnets are now here!
We just got in the new MicroBeast Microfiber Bonnets.

[Image: microbeast-bonnet.jpg]
  • The MicroFiber has excellent dirt absorption qualities.
  • The blue scrubbing strips gently dig deeper into the carpet pile.
  • The MicroBeasts are durable.
Take a peek...

19" MicroBeast: http://www.excellent-supply.com/MicroBea...p_475.html

21" MicroBeast: http://www.excellent-supply.com/MicroBea...p_476.html

Are these for use with HOS Orbot? Use on residential or commercial carpet?
Yes, yes, and yes.

Orbot - check
Residential - check
Commercial - check
These pads are fantastic on residential! I rarely use a Fiber+ on residential now. Saves a ton of time!
Iv been using these pads for a while now and find them very useful for residential carpet, They are very durable too, mine are 12 months old and still wash up like new!
ok inform me... you would use these in the place or fiber plus pads why ? and where ? and when? is it just a preference ?
FiberPlus pads are just for Encap cleaning. In other words scrubbing only. The solution is typically shower-fed through the pads. You scrub the encap detergent into the carpet with the FiberPlus pads and you're done.

With any type of bonnet you're doing more than simply scrubbing, you are also absorbing soil into the bonnet. You spray the detergent onto the carpet and then you go over each section with damp bonnets. The bonnets pick up some of the soil. Some cleaners will also "PadCap" where they will run over a freshly encapped carpet with bonnets to pull off some additional soil.

On a side point, if you're bonnet cleaning with an encap detergent such as Encap-Punch, which is a really good bonnet cleaner by the way, you'll actually be cleaning with two modes of cleaning. (1) Absorption, and (2) Encapsulation.

As I mentioned above, the MicroBeasts are nice because they'll pull a good amount of soil with the microfiber, and they also provide a nice level of agitation to the carpet.

Bottom line:
Think FiberPlus for straight encap work.
Think bonnets for absorption cleaning.
Rick do you think that these scrub better than the speed tracks from tuway?
These are a different animal from Tuway's Speed-Trek bonnets. The Speed-Treks are synthetic fabric bonnets with moderately aggressive green olefin scrub strips.

The MicroBeast can pull more soil on account of the MicroFiber material. Microfiber has exceptional ability to capture soil in it's fiber. A very basic analogy of Microfiber would be to compare it to an asterisk...
The soil get's picked up within the channels of the fiber (valleys).
Therefore Microfiber has greater dirt capturing capabilities than other materials.

The blue scrubbing strips on the MicroBeasts bonnets are different too. For one thing there's more scrubbing strips on the MicroBeast bonnets than the green olefin strips on the Speed-Trek bonnets. Yet they're not as aggressive. So you'll get a nice scrub action - without being too aggressive to the fiber.

Excellent soil absorption. Efficient agitation. Not too aggressive. Good durability.
That's why we're excited about the MicroBeast bonnets.
I have been using these pads for over 3 years now. They are the perfect CGD encap pad. They pull soil and agitate great.

They are also handy when you go into a residential "nasty". Pad the bulk of the filth with them and then you can finish with a SuperZorb without ruining the SuperZorb.

Love em. Have done hundreds of jobs with them!
A must have pad for sure.

I also use them just as Gkleen describes. Way better than Fiber Plus pads.

One thing I would suggest though - order your pads at a larger size than you normally would.

The reason being is that the pads will shrink a bit in a fairly short amount of time.
The MicroBeast bonnets have ben VERY popular!
So we've also added 15" and 17" sizes.
We now carry them in 15", 17", 19", and 21".
Hey Rick, what's the cost of the 17" please?
MicroBeast Bonnet Prices:

15" $15.95
17" $17.95
19" $19.95
21" $21.95

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