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new to encap
been in the cc business for 25 years. ive been researching this encap process for the past year. i was convinced that using a tm was the only way to clean. i received some samples from Excellent Supply and using an old 175 i became sold on the idea of adding this process to our business. I just purchased a cimex from Excellent Supply. My question is , can i use it for resi work, how do you clean edges,corners, etc.? Can i eventually dump my butler? Any advice i would appreciate. Thanks
Some will disagree with me, however, the TM is the only way to handle residential clients. Encap and the Cimex are excellant tools for the commercial carpet maaintenance business.
That is my take on it and I have only been in this business a short time
{42 years]
I forgot to mention in my last post that I have never received such outstanding customer service than i have from Excellent Supply. Thank you very much!

from my experience the Cimex hasn't got much of any place in resi work.

now OP is another story. corners and edges are cleaned with the edges of the cotton-blend pad under the OP. most edges and corners are not too dirty that i know of. the pre-vac removes most of any problems. yes you can eventually dump your Butler if you choose to. but no more flood work or water damage and no water-clawing up urine contamination.

i personally don't offer those services, so i don't need HWE.

Don, have you ever tried OP for resi? if not, why not give it a shot. you gave a Cimex a shot for CGD - so it only seems fair Tongue
Derek is right on-
I have a Cimex, yes I have used it for residential- I do not recommend it for anything other than commercial grade carpet, CGD and Berbers- I just did a berber Cimexing last week, I left it a little wet, but it dried great-
I have an OP and I can do residential all day long with it- I am just trying to get better skills to make it valid and replace my TM, but cannot replace TM as I do tile and grout with 325 degree water and over 1500 PSI.
A good portion of Urine can be done with a porty but the tm power is better. (duh)

So you can make OP work well, and have fun and be profitable.

....Just remember to buy all your supplies at Excellent supplyWink
No cimex for residential... I use a crb machine and then pad cap after to pick up extra dirt and you can buy bonnets for your 175...as far as edges and corners Rick sells a thin edge brush that does the trick.
I think the Cimex could be a great pre-scrub tool to follow with a TM, Porty or OP.
Paul, welcome, check out this brush from Excellent-Supply for edge/corner work.


Hi Paul,

Welcome to the world of Encap! It's an exciting thing to see the way encap is changing the way folks maintain commercial carpet. Encap has the ability to solve common problems associated with commercial carpet - such as wicking, dull, drab, and uglied out traffic lanes.

Releasit packs a boat load of encap polymer into the formulation. And that polymer, called Crystalon3, is the vehicle that encapsulates soil and holds it in a polymeric encasing till it can be extracted via post-vacuuming.

Another BIG benefit is the inherent soil resistant property of the Releasit detergents. Carpets stay clean longer and they're easier to maintain. So straight across the board, the Releasit encap system has the potential to solve problems, make you look, and make you profitable!

Regarding the Cimex in residential - it's not a good fit. It's spot on perfect for commercial - nothing better. But for residential your Butler is still the best bet. Or if you want to switch to low moisture cleaning an Orbot could be useful for residential.

As Shorty mentioned above,. The Edge brush is ideal for cleaning edges. Just spray and scrub. http://www.excellent-supply.com/Edge-Bru..._p_11.html

And thank you for the kind words about our service!!! I will pass along what you said to our staff. Smile

So welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy this forum. You'll enjoy the group of professionals that hang out here! Lots of good information. I hope you'll jump in and participate. And I hope you'll appreciate the many benefits that Encap can bring to your company. It has the the potential to open a lot of doors when it comes to caring for commercial carpet. And if I or my staff can assist you in any way - just give us a holler. Smile
My Cimex does great on resi. After I vacuum I pre-spray with Punch then extract with OP. Then I come back with my Cimex and encap the carpet. ABSOLUTELY GREEAAT!
Cleaner Carpet. Cleaner Planet.

If you value life
Do not squander time.
Time is the stuff life is made of.
In celebrating my 100th post, here is a small encap job I did today- carpet was dingy and spotted- vacuum, OP microfiber, OP cotton, post vac- success!
house was steeenky! not after cleaning- I used z-rid for odor, will be using odorcide soon.

[Image: photo-6.jpg]
[Image: photo-4.jpg]
[Image: photo-5.jpg]
Great job! Imight have to invest in a orbot someday. Tired of pulling hoses.
Don i couldn"t agree more, the cimex is to big and heavy for residential working around furnished rms would be hard to say the least.
Now pad capping is becoming the encap cleaning for the residential marketplace. It seems to be excepted with the biggest question ( how long will it take for my carpets to dry) the 1 hr dry time is working for us. Peter B.
Fantastic job!

Since you're using both HWE and and VLM, how would you compare the above job with OP as opposed to your truckmount?
OP is faster- no hoses to drag or roll up, or looking for water spigots.
OP is drier- went over whole job with a cotton bonnet, 1 hr dry.

I am still better at HWE but I am getting more skill and confidence with every OP job. I have been HWE for 30 years, wont completely give it up, but will employ OP more and more.

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