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October 2013 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Photo Entry
I have not posted in quite some time, decided to enter just 2 of the jobs I recently did.

Photo 1 is a large church that I do turn key cleaning services, meaning all the carpet, the vct and tile/grout. This is a during shot, I used my cimex, presprayed 6 ozs of Punch per gallon let dwell for 10 minutes and ran 4 ozs of DS2 per gallon through cimex.

Photo 2 is a before and Photo 3 is an after of a Head Start facility, again where I provide turn key services. This is an old facility where the carpet was very dirty, very dingy & had a bad water stain from a 5 gallon water bottle was knocked off the stand. I had to clean this carpet on 2 separate days. 1st day, I used 10 ozs per gallon of Hydox in the cimex to reduce the alkaline water stain & on the second day I used 4 ozs of DS2 per gallon in the cimex to clean the remaining stains.

These are the photos that I tried to posted in September but could not get them to download, so here I submit them for the October Contest!

Thanks for considering my entry:

Randy Beckner
We Clean Floors
Blackshear, GA

I liked your photos Randy. Man, what was in that drinking water?

[Image: 20130726_213412.jpg]

[Image: 20130629_134559.jpg]

[Image: 20130707_173757.jpg]

Wow! Nice work. Quit being a stranger here. Smile
VERY nice work!
Oh yeah, very cool!

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