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Assisted living facility
I'm cleaning an assisted living facility that houses patients with severe dementia. There's a strong urine odor in the carpet and I was wondering if the combination of my cimex,ds2,and odorcide will take care of the problem. I have a TM but cant use it in this situation. Thanks in advance. Kurt
Do you have a portable to flush out the urine areas
We have done these facilities in the past and they don't like any products that leave a odor of any kind. I know odorcide is a great product but the smell does linger for several days. Proxide might be a good alternative.
In addition to adding Odorcide - another helpful trick would be to add 15 - 20 drops of Tea Tree oil per rtu gallon. At that rate tea tree begins to get into the disinfectant range. And tea tree very effective with urine odor.
Thanks for the advice. Don I don't have a portable. I'm going to see if they"ll let me flush the affected areas with my TM before I proceed with my cimex.

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