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Introducing the VARIO Orbital Scrubber
Introducing the VARIO Orbital Scrubber:

[Image: Vario-logo.jpg]

We've spent several months working on developing an orbital machine package that would answer a few key needs in our industry. I think our new VARIO machine has turned out to be a really interesting machine that should compete well with other OP machines on the market. It is super smooth, it's solidly built, it has a bulletproof motor, it's reasonably priced, it scrubs efficiently, and it looks great too. Compare a couple of differences that set it apart...

Comparison 1: We think the VARIO is the perfect response to the high-priced OP machines on the market today. The VARIO is a well-built orbital machine that runs about half the price of other wheels on the ground OP machines out there. It makes sense from a financial perspective! Yet price alone is not its only selling point, consider the next couple of comparisons.

Comparison 2: Some of the OP machines on the market today are about as smooth as a jackhammer. Well we're not in agreement with that design concept. Why rattle your brains out to clean a carpet? By comparison, the VARIO is smooth, incredibly smooth! With its pivoting swingarm and large wheels on the ground the VARIO effortlessly tracks in a straight line. Vibration is kept to a minimum. At the same time it scrubs impressively too.

Comparison 3: Some popular OP machines start off new with an attractive coat of paint. The only problem is... after a short time the powder-coated paint begins to flake off their corroding steel chassis. By comparison, the VARIO has a highly-polished solid cast aluminum deck and steel handle. The switch box is also molded aluminum. This makes it possible to enjoy a beautiful looking machine for many years.

Innovation: Our team at Excellent Supply has developed a unique pivoting swingarm assembly for the VARIO. After months of research and extensive trial and error we came up with something that just plains works. The machine handles like a dream. We also developed a spray and shower-feed system that allows the VARIO to spray or shower-feed from practically any battery powered sprayer. We're really proud of our baby. Smile

Here's a PDF Flyer showing the VARIO: Click Here to Download

And here's the page for the VARIO machine on our store: http://www.excellent-supply.com/VARIO-Or...p_563.html

Here's a breakdown of the VARIO pricing...

As you can see, the machine is priced with the Spray & Shower-feed system as the standard setup. It can also be purchased with the Spray & Shower-feed system along with a Mytee Boss Sprayer. And it can also be purchased without the Spray & Shower-feed system (though I can't imagine many folks not wanting that option). So there are three ways to go.

[Image: vario-pricing.jpg]
Rick, Is the "wheels on the Floor" now standard equipment?
Yes, that is the standard configuration for all VARIO machines. Allow me to explain:

It would be a mistake for a person to buy an orbital machine for carpet cleaning without having the wheels on the ground. Without having wheels on the ground the machine will handle very poorly for carpet cleaning. A person would struggle with the machine and that's not reasonable. Wheels on the ground takes the machine from a hard to manage and uncomfortable experience to a smooth as silk Cadillac experience. So we've made a decision going forward to only offer the machine the way that it should be presented for the carpet cleaning industry.

We spend a lot of time with each machine. When they come to us from the manufacturer we disassemble each machine's oscillation bearing and pack it with marine-grade grease. That way it can be successfully used in a shower-feed application. We also carefully line up the swingarm assembly with a jig and template to drill the back of the machine to accept the swingarm. It's an exacting process. And if the machine will be getting a Spray & Shower-feed system we'll assemble, install, and bench test that as well. The steps we take with each machine consumes a fair amount of time, and adds real value compared to a standard ol' Lowboy.

What we've put together is a carefully designed machine. It's been meticulously thought out and innovated for our industry. We're modifying these machines so that they'll work properly for carpet cleaning. That's why we aren't willing to sell a model that delivers less. We want everyone who buys a VARIO to have 100% satisfaction with the machine (not 50% or even 75%). I think you'll find the VARIO design is a winner on every level!
What you are saying makes perfect sense Rick. I like to think of it this way...
Did you know that a Chevy Chevette (ya you might have to reach back into the archives for that one!) is made by the same company as Cadillac? They are both GM products. The difference..... the craftsmanship,detail and options put into it.
The same goes for companies like Toyota and Honda who make the Lexus and Acura. Just about the only similarities between those models is the chassis.
The upgrades on the Vario turn it from a stock Chevy,Toyota,or Honda, into a Cadillac,Lexus, or Acura.
Get the Vario..... and enjoy the ride!

Rod Clarkin
Excellent Supply 727-821-2020 Ext.207
LOL. I guess that's a fair analogy comparing the standard ol' Oreck Lowboy.

[Image: ad_chevy_chevette_green_miles_1977.jpg]

And this is how you might view the new VARIO...

[Image: Chevrolet-2014-Corvette-Stingray-Final-P...40x360.jpg]

Both cars end with "vette". And that's where the comparison ends. Smile
a point I may disagree with you on....maybe....I would ask If you know what the head weight of the machine is while the wheels are actually on the ground.... my experience when I first bought the orbot was total disappointment....I would time and time and time again have to use my 15" little wheels off the ground machine because it would hands down out clean the orbot on residential cut pile carpets....it was not until I finally put the weight set on the machine that I could get comparable results...without weights the orbot had about 40 to 45lbs of head weight.....compared to 65lbs for the wheels of the ground machine....after adding 24lbs to the orbot it was about equal....so do you know the head weight of the vario machine????
Joel-I had a 175 "little wheels machine" when I got started, then bought an Orbot and weight kit from Excellent Supply. I have tried it with the weight kit, but almost never use it anymore on nylon cut pile. My experience is that the Orbot does a great job without the weight kit, which is consistent with what Excellent Supply advised me when I bought the equipment. I reserve the weight kit for hard surfaces.
Ed Elliott

The head weight on the floor is approximately 70 pounds.
Ed.... we are talking two different things...I was comparing an orbital to an orbital...not a 175....and my experience with the orbot without weights was much different than yours. I never cleaned without the weights....made for a beast of a machine...heavy that is ...in and out of the van.

Maybe its because I started with a wheels off the ground machine...but there are definetly times I would prefer it over the wheels on the ground because its faster.....and then of course on some horrible polyester carpet I would prefer wheels on the ground or the machine was a pain to control....
As I stated before I am starting out in the business. I would like to stay away from TM systems or portables. Will the Vario with the Spray & Shower-feed system along with a Mytee Boss Sprayer can handle residential as well as buying a CRB? I am looking for vlm methods. Eventually I will get into commercial but right now I want the resi. first. It will fit in with my other aspects of my cleaning business perfectly. Thanks for any information.
Mason your on the right track.
Joel - I got ya. I do like my Orbot on resi cut pile without the weights, and you are right, it becomes cumbersome to load/unload with the weights attached.

Yesterday we did a cgd job using both the Orbot and the Cimex. I did add weights to the Orbot to get some more scrubbing pressure in this application. It definitely helps, although it really does not match up to the scrubbing power of the Cimex.

Mason, as NJP says, you are on the right track. VLM methods are versatile and a real selling point. Also, the Releasit family of products is the best on the market, imho.
Ed Elliott

So you feel/agree that I can produce a quality finished service in a residential home using those two methods? Is there anything I would need to make it complete besides the chems?
The VARIO is a truly excellent tool! Is it the "only" tool a cleaner should have in his arsenal? Not really. It's simply a well rounded low moisture orbital scrubber. However if you want to service residential accounts - you shouldn't entirely rule out hot water extraction. HWE is useful for upholstery cleaning, and there are times that a carpet will need to be thoroughly rinsed in order to flush a heavy soil load from the carpet. Just as a skilled carpenter will use a variety of tools to accomplish his task, a professional carpet cleaner should be able choose the correct tool to properly get the job done.

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