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Cotton fabric
In a couple weeks, I have a job that involves furniture with older cotton white and blue striped fabric. I will use a bucket to mix up/whip up some Hydrox to be applied with a horsehair brush and the vacuum after drying. What Hydrox to water ratio should I use?
8 ounces per gallon should work well. Try to minimize moisture. Get some fans on it too.
I should have added that it has what appear to be some existing water or drink spots. Do you think 8 oz per gallon will be enough to address the existing spots and prevent further spotting ? I will use fans, thanks.
You could spot full strength. Then clean like you outlined. But under-promise! Old cotton can be a challenge. Encap-HydrOx works well on cotton. But you're approaching a difficult piece. So proceed carefully.

Under promise is always good advice.
With those cotton stripes, CHECK FIRST FOR COLOR BLEED.

Previously, I have found many that were not colour fast & the black bled into the white.

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Excellent advice!

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